Massachusetts Association of Private Career Schools Seeks Refinement of Attorney General’s 940 CMR 31.00 Proposed Regulations

North Attleboro, MA, February 6, 2014 The Massachusetts Association of Private Career Schools (MAPCS) has offered to assist Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley while she refines regulations that focus on private sector proprietary colleges and private post-secondary occupational schools.  The proposed regulations are an amendment to existing Massachusetts General Laws and duplicate regulations currently under review by the Department of Professional Licensure’s (DPL) Office of Private Occupational School Education. 

MAPCS is currently working with the DPL as the Occupational School Education Advisory Council works to streamline regulations governing the operation of private post-secondary career and occupational schools.

“We support the Attorney General’s interest in ensuring that students are well informed when selecting an institution and program,” said Cathy Flaherty, Executive Director of MAPCS. “However, the proposed regulations will not simplify or improve the process through which students select their institutions, but rather cause greater confusion.  Removing ambiguity and enhancing student protection is at the core of our offer of assistance to improve these regulations.  It would also be helpful for all students at all institutions if these regulations were applied to all post-secondary institutions.”

On January 7th and 9th, 2014, MAPCS delivered testimony at public hearings held in Boston and Springfield.  In addition, students, graduates, faculty and employees of private sector, post-secondary educational institutions attended and delivered testimony on the adverse effects of these proposed regulations.  For a copy of MAPCS written testimony, visit

“As an educator I firmly believe that all post-secondary educational institutions should be held to a consistent set of high standards as we serve students that are the future of the Commonwealth’s workforce,” said Jim Bologa, president and CEO of Porter and Chester Institute and vice president of the MAPCS Board of Directors.  Bologa added, “Our schools are a crucial part of the employment equation and we want them to remain above reproach so they can complete their vital mission.”

MAPCS is a non-profit membership organization of private sector, post-secondary educational institutions that offer specific career training in a wide variety of career fields.  Graduates of MAPCS member schools can earn diplomas, certificates, and/ or associate degrees.  MAPCS member institutions provide training serving many industries including: health care, transportation, construction, manufacturing, radio & TV media broadcasting, information technology, culinary, hospitality and personal services.