Division of Professional Licensure 

The Division of Professional Licensure (DPL) is implementing a new approval process for instructors teaching at licensed occupational schools.  The new form is two pages (previously it was six pages), and it requires schools to perform the requisite due diligence as to each proposed instructor, in areas such as educational qualifications and work experience, and to maintain an instructor file that includes documents to support the certifications.  The DPL review and approval process then will be simpler and quicker.

Please follow these links for the new instructor certification form, the technical assistance handout, which provides assistance for schools in completing the instructor certification form, and the additional requirements for instructors of non-general content courses:

1.      Instructor Certification Form:

2.      Technical Assistance Handout

3.      Additional Requirements:

These new forms may also be found on the website for the DPL Office of Private Occupational School Education:

For more information contact:

Clinton Dick
Executive Director, Office of Private Occupational School Education
Division of Professional Licensure
1000 Washington Street, Suite 710
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