Attorney General Martha Coakley Activity Relating to Private Career Schools

The Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley's office launched "a new website offering resources for consumers related to for-profit schools."

Materials on the website include a

Here is the press release announcing the website and the AG's Eliminate Deceptive Education Business Tactics (D.E.B.T.) campaign can be found at the link below.

Here is a copy of APSCU President and CEO Steve Gunderson's letter to the editor in response to AG Coakley's op ed entitled, "Familiar warning signs in for-profit schools" that recently appeared in the Boston Globe.  

This week, APSCU President and CEO Steve Gunderson also sent a letter to Secretary Arne Duncan expressing concern over the Department's implementation of the state authorization regulations. The letter states, "State regulatory bodies and institutions need your assistance in having their questions answered as expeditiously as possible. Definitive guidance from the Department made available to all interested parties would also be helpful, as would a list of those states which the Department has deemed compliant."